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Video Enhancement Service

When the Best Video is Still Not Good Enough

As video forensic experts, we have been trained on the various tools and software programs used for successful forensic video enhancement. We have a team of video experts that have forensically enhanced over 1,000 videos. Each video is analyzed to determine the likelihood of enhancement and we provide a preliminary enhancement at a low cost to prove that a video can be enhanced.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, grainy videos can often be enhanced making the video look more clear to the naked eye.

Yes – We can adjust the contract and light settings of a video. Often videos are so dark you can’t make out anything and we enhance to the point that you can clearly see.

Every enhancement is different. Without viewing the video it is hard to estimate. We do provide a low cost preliminary enhancement to show you what we can do for your video.

As experts, we testify in court all the time regarding video enhancement.  We have been certified as experts in many courts.

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