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On Site Collection

We Have the Tools to Collect Data On Site

Sometimes you don’t want to take the DVR offline because it is mission critical to your business. We have the experts and the tools to collect the data with minimal downtown anywhere in the US. Our team is strategically placed in locations across the U.S. to make it convenient for you. We are available 24 hours a day and have collected video from government facilities, major corporations, and personal residences.

Frequently asked questions

We connect specialized equipment to the DVR or connect directly to the DVR in order to copy the files. One tool we use is a Forensic Falcon NEO.

We estimate 100 gigabyte per hour.

Since our team works 24 hours a day we can schedule a time that works best for you with minimal downtime.

Most DVRs have export features, but often this only exports one video and is downgraded or embedded in a bad player.

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