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DVR Video Extraction

We extract all videos from your DVR for $499

DVRs often hold critical information that can assist you in proving your case. There are over 5,000 DVR manufacturers, and even within the same manufacturer they often change operating systems and file structure, making it difficult to extract video using the manufacturer’s software and user interface. We are experts in DVR examinations and recovery. We have profiles built for over 5000 DVRs and have the ability to extract the video directly from the hard drive, bypassing the manufacturer’s common process of downgrading video. This ensures that you get the best quality video possible.

Steps we take

We access the hard drive directly, bypassing any pass codes and the manufacturer’s process of downgrading the quality before extraction.

If requested, we create a forensic image of the hard drive in one of the following formats (E01, DD, EX01, File). This process ensures that the entire drive is preserved and is a sound process approved by the courts.  We use Logicube Forensic Falcon NEO’s to complete this process.

Our forensic experts analyze and authenticate the video using scientific processes in order to determine what type of files exist on the DVR, their extraction method, and recovery statistics.

We extract the videos using our proprietary methods and convert them to the most lossless format (often AVI) and place onto a USB 3.0 hard drive.

We ship the original DVR or DVR hard drive back to you with a USB 3.0 drive containing all of the extracted videos along with a high-quality player that allows you to zoom and view the videos. You are welcome to use your own player, as any standard player will play the videos.

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