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Affordable Video Extractions

We recover all videos from your DVR for $499

DVR video Extraction $499

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We can extract videos from over 5000 models of DVRs

Others can promise recovery of all videos including deleted ones, but often fall short.  We have tested out methods and procedures on Digital Video Recorders made around the world and if we can’t extract the videos, we do not charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have for us

Do you guarantee that you can recover the videos?

Manufacturers often change chipsets, firmware, and other components within the same model number and no firm can give a 100% guaranteed recovery. We can recover videos from 95% of DVRs.

What if I need a certification for court?

We are a digital forensics lab and upon request can provide a certification of extraction and file inventory for $50.

When I export video from my DVR, it only plays in a special player, do you do the same thing?

No, we extract the videos in the highest-quality format available that is playable using the most common video players. We include a copy of VLC Player for MAC and Windows with all extractions.

I searched my DVR and can't locate the video I want, do you provide file recovery?

If the file has been overwritten it can’t be recovered, otherwise we will provide it to you. All videos regardless of location or size are extracted. On a typical DVR there are 100’s to 1000’s of videos and in most cases you cannot see all of them on screen.

When you extract the videos, how do you send them to me?

We ship all videos on a portable USB 3.0 hard drive along with a video player that can be plugged into a Windows or MAC to view.

Our Services

DVR Video Extraction

After we receive the DVR, we use a specialized software to evaluate and determine if the files can be extracted. We will then extract the videos and save to a portable hard drive. We then ship the hard drive and a high quality video player to you.

Video Enhancement

Upon request, we can review videos  and enhance them. Video enhancement is used to clarify videos and still frames (pictures) in order to get a better understanding of the events. 

Expert Witness

A video forensic expert has the scientific knowledge, training, and expertise necessary to enhance and authenticate video recordings that are being used in a criminal or civil court case. We have testified in over 175 cases in 11 states.

Court Certifications

We are a digital forensics lab, and upon request we can provide a certification of extraction and file inventory at a low cost.

On Site Collection

We can come to you if needed to extract footage from a surveillance system and DVR. We will gladly secure the videos for you to ensure integrity of the evidence.

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